How Good is Your Shopify Site? (Get a Free Audit)

Jan 21, 2015 by Michelle McCalden

If you’re reading this, then like many of my clients you’re the proud owner of a Shopify e-commerce site and I hope you're having lots of success selling your products online!

But let me ask you a question... Other than looking at your sales and traffic when you log into your dashboard, how else do you know how well your site is performing? And more importantly, what exactly you need to improve on to get a whole lot more success and sales from your site?

Well as of now you’re in luck as auditing your site just got a great deal easier!

Shopify recently launched a new ecommerce website audit tool that you can run for free via your web browser that gives you answers to these questions in seconds.

Similar to many paid services for standard website audits, you’ll see an overall grade which assesses you on criteria across four key areas: SEO, Usability, content & social and last but certainly not least, your important technical considerations.

Client Shopify audit results

The screenshot above shows the scorings for one of our first Shopify custom design and SEO clients.

As you can see, the SEO and coding of her site are performing brilliantly – and her blogging and social media integration are helping her draw in new customers via social media and the search engines.

Now don’t feel bad if you don’t get top marks under each section because each area does score some items that are desirable rather than essential elements for your site to have, so take a careful look at the full analysis you're given to see just what is holding you back.

It’s worth mentioning that some features are much more important than others to have working and the tool does not really explain this.

So for example, you lose points for not offering free delivery on your products (not something every store will want) – although it’s clearly worth considering to encourage your visitors to shop with you!

Another unbalanced comparison is that you lose points for not having a particular social media account connected to your site which is less important (and certainly not crucial – you might not want to jump on Instagram) compared to making sure your all homepage links work properly.

So, how did you do? I’d love to hear how your audit went if you want to join me over on our Facebook page and share the details (was it a surprise to you in any way? Is there any part that has you confused?.

Hopefully either using (or finding out about) this handy tool has brightened your day a bit and has show you what you want to see – that your site is doing great. By the way, a BIG pat on the back if you see yourself as non technical and you achieved B+ or better without any outside help!!

However if you're not quite in that boat, and you have any queries or want a second opinion on whether you need to fix something, just get in touch.

I’m happy to let you know just how important the fix is – or can even sort it out on your behalf. (Tasks like adding image ALT tags can take a bit of coding knowledge depending on where they show up).

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