How to Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Do you know if your website is fully responsive and how to fix it if it isn’t?

Chances are you've been out and about at some point and have tried to access a site on your mobile or tablet, only to find it's a real pain to navigate because it's been designed only with a large screen in mind.

I know that anytime I've quickly clicked through to a site to buy something via mobile, if I can't easily read the text or click on the correct link I want (without serious zooming) then I'll probably close the window and leave it till later (or just try another site).

Apart from the obvious reasons to have your site mobile-friendly, now there's an extra reason (and a deadline) to get your site working for all screen sizes. From 21st April 2015, Google will be flagging up any unresponsive sites (that's those that don't scale to fit on smaller screens) in their index, and then demoting them in search results. What this means is that you're likely to lose rankings to your competitors for your target searches and keywords if your site isn't responsive by this date.

How Good is Your Shopify Site? (Get a Free Audit)

If you’re reading this, then like many of my clients you’re the proud owner of a Shopify e-commerce site and I hope you're having lots of success selling your products online!

But let me ask you a question... Other than looking at your sales and traffic when you log into your dashboard, how else do you know how well your site is performing? And more importantly, what exactly you need to improve on to get a whole lot more success and sales from your site?

How Do I Choose Which Keywords to Target for SEO?

This question is one of the most important and common questions we get asked here at Meritorious.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making sure your website is set up to help you become prominent for all the right searches. A surprising number of business owners make the mistake of saying they want high rankings but without considering just which keywords are most important to them. What's also important is that your target keywords are searched for frequently.

How to Find Out Who Hosts Your Website

Here’s a common scenario for those with well established local businesses which generally do the bulk of their trading offline…

Your company has a website, but it’s pretty outdated and you’re ready for something fresh that gives the right impression of your business and has a bit more functionality. Some of your options for a new site depend on your web hosting.

The 2 Week School Website Optimisation Challenge

Earlier this month we were asked if we could help improve the struggling ranking of a new campaign website to help get a new primary and secondary school built in West Hampstead.

Helping create more school places using the power of SEO seemed a great thing to be involved with, so we quickly set to work optimising the site for keywords related to the new school campaign.