Small Business SEO Services & Packages

I offer a monthly SEO package that covers the full spectrum of the SEO process and is focused on getting you the results that matter.

Meaning more sales, conversions or leads (as opposed to just ‘vanity’ rankings achieved for keywords that nobody searches!)

Meritorious SEO packages from SEO Consultant in London

Whether you are new to SEO or you’d like me to continue where a previous SEO consultant or agency left off, the best course of action is an all-inclusive monthly SEO package to help you hit your goals.

And to keep things simple, I now have a single retainer fee of just £375/month. For great results, a minimum of 3 months work is recommended since new links and changes can take a little while to be detected by Google. (The process - as you'll see outlined below - is also fairly time-intensive).

A typical all-inclusive, SEO plan from Meritorious looks a lot like this…

Month 1: We start with benchmarking, goal setting and an audit of your website’s overall structure, visibility and performance. I’ll then review your current keyword choices and rankings. Also your Google Analytics results (or set up Google Analytics and other tracking tools if they are not already in place). Monthly reporting is set up.

Month 2: Keyword research is performed if you’ve not previously had any SEO work implemented on your site. Keywords are then carefully selected for each page on your site and on page optimisation is performed for all existing pages. Technical SEO is also conducted this month. A monthly report of work and progress is delivered.

Month 3: Any further on page optimisation work is implemented. The focus now moves to planning link acquisition using content marketing and outreach. Competition analysis can be conducted now as part of this process. A monthly report of work and progress is delivered.

Month 4 onwards: Link acquisition (or link building) can now really get underway. This can incorporate content creation (or simply repurposing existing content you provide) and using it to attract links. If your audience is local, citations and local SEO is performed to help boost your visibility to your local audience. On page optimisation is largely finished by now - but future content is optimised and changes are made as necessary according to your site’s performance over time (this is reviewed using Google Analytics and other research and tracking tools).

Other smaller SEO services are also available if you’re just stuck with a particular phase of the process are available on request. These may include: