Small Business E-commerce Sites

Are you an entrepreneur looking to sell your products online?

If so, then let us design you a well-branded, small online shop of your very own.

Shopify web design example

The Process

1. Gathering Your Ideas, Wants & Needs

When you start working with us, first of all we need to gather your requirements - in terms of features you'll need and the look you're going for.

2. Custom or Customisation?

When that's done, we can look into existing templates (which save you time and money) as a design start-point or else we can build and code a custom site for you. We'll base this decision around your budget and the types of customisation you're going to need.

3. Connecting Your Customers

As part of the design process we'll use our years of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expertise to help each page stand its best chance of ranking high up in Google for the words your customers type in when they search for what you offer. And, we'll connect your site up with all your social media channels too.


meritorious loves shopify

Here at Meritorious we love creating Shopify sites as they're well coded (using a fantastic templating language called 'Liquid'), they're super-easy for you to update and they're simple for your customers to use as well.

Each comes with a built-in shopping cart and plenty of online user guides, so your customers can buy with peace of mind and you can find a huge collection of tips online to help you boost your sales!

As you may know, with Shopify you pay a subscription charge which includes your web hosting (ie. your online website storage space costs) making this platform a great and flexible choice for starting your first online shop or if you're simply wanting your site to focus on the selling side of things.

To ask us about working on your new online store - get in touch with us via our contact form today.