3 Ways Small Business Ecommerce Sites Can Attract More Customers Using SEO

Nov 27, 2017 by Michelle McCalden

You might not expect it when you consider the difference in budgets and resources, but small business ecommerce sites really can have a competitive advantage over large brands when it comes to optimising your site.

Here's how:

As a small business owner, your site is likely to have less pages than many sites in your industry.

Now, while this does mean you have less pages you can hit the first page of Google with, and feel a bit disheartening, don't worry because it also means you can afford to focus more and make each page count (which your largest retail competitors can only dream of doing)!

Small business ecommerce SEO tips

1. Create Winning Product Descriptions

You want to make each product description fairly lengthy and unique to your site as makes a real difference - especially if your products are sold by others on the web as well.

Unique, informative product descriptions are something the big sites like Amazon can't always take the time to craft - so especially if you optimise your images as well, you can get your products in front of more people, fast.

2. Optimise Your Product Images

In order to optimise your product images you need high quality images which load quickly.

Then give each one a short, keyword-rich descriptive name and ensure your keyword (probably the product name) is found within the HTML 'Alt' tag for that image.

The beauty of this technique, is that again, many larger brands rush this stage and may not optimise the names of their product images at all!

If you do optimise your images, you can get your product pictures ranking very highly in Google Image Search - and sometimes the main Google Search Results pages for your keywords too.

Many people pay a lot of money per click to appear in Google results with their paid image ads (or text ads)... so for some less competitive results, you can still achieve a similar ranking and visibility level for free!

3. Use Youtube Videos to Help Your Products Rank More Highly

In a similar way to using images, if you have product stock you can work with - or even if you just have some photos you want to create a slideshow out of - why not make a simple video to showcase each of your products?

You can then place these videos onto your site for an extra insight for your customers. And be sure to put each video onto Youtube - choosing a keyword based descriptive name, video description and category tags.

Hopefully you now feel a little more reassured (and excited) about the opportunities you have to grow your ecommerce website even if you're a one man (or woman) business at present.

I'd love to know how your website is fairing... are you happy with your ecommerce results? Have you used these tips or do you have any others you can add?

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